CyBox AP 2-W

2nd Generation Wireless Access Point

The CyBox AP 2-W is a wireless access point for wall mounting developed specifically for the rough environmental conditions in railway cars and automotive applications. With the trend-setting IEEE802.11ac standard it introduces the second generation of the CyBox AP's.

With the assistance of the access point, multiple mobile WLAN compatible devices in a passenger train, bus or subway have the possibility to communicate with the Internet or access local data, such as time table information, videos, etc. A configurable firewall protects the individual users’ personal data against unauthorized access and supports secure and interruption free data exchanges with the Internet.

Preliminary photo - details may change Thanks to a highly convenient and intuitive user interface, the CyBox AP 2 can be configured quickly and easily. Not only is it possible to set up global parameters; the device also allows for the complete configuration of the WLAN interfaces, including channel selection, SSID, encryption, firewall settings, etc. It is also possible to upload or back up existing configurations.

The sturdy aluminum housing, which complies with IP30, makes fan-free operation at temperatures ranging from -40 C to +70 C (EN50155, Class T2) possible. The device is also designed for extreme stressors, such as shocks and vibrations in compliance with applicable DIN, EN and IEC industry standards.

Thanks to two GB Ethernet ports (via M12 connectors), redundant connections with a local server, or daisy chaining with other access points can be readily accomplished. The two ports are internally connected to a GB Ethernet switch (unmanaged). The switch works autonomously from the CPU of the access point (which is a QorlQ 1011 SoC in this case). If multiple CyBox AP 2's are switched in series, this allows participants to communicate without any problems even if individual access points are turned of.

The voltage supply for the CyBox AP 2 is designed for maximum flexibility. For instance, it can be connected to a local 24 V DC supply. The input meets all EN50155 requirements and tolerates voltages ranging from 12 V to 36 V. Optionally, the new access point can also tolerate voltage supply interruptions lasting up to 10 ms, which renders it compatible with EN50155, Class S2. As an additional voltage supply option, CyBox AP 2 offers a PoE input for a Class 4 supply. One of the unique functional properties is the possibility to supply a second CyBox AP 2 with power through PoE using a connection on the downlink port. This structure enables expanded radio transmission with two access points, which requires only one CAT-X cable. This is a cost cutting feature, especially for retrofitting or conversion projects.

Preliminary photo - details may change
Preliminary photo - details may change