We configure, integrate and test industrial PCs for every need

Your specific requirement determines whether standards such as 19" housings or individual housing designs are used. Moreover, we prepare computers for longevity in harsh industrial environments and develop special cooling concepts.

To achieve this, we use ELTEC components or products sourced from the world market; in short, always the solutions that make the most sense. We assume responsibility for the system.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • Industrial PCs for control systems and image processing tasks – also in special housings designed for hot/cold temperature exposure
  • PC systems with GPUs that accelerate the overall performance – including GPU-CUDA support for ELTEC system customers
  • Graphic cards for special form factors – PMC

Complete devices for license plate recognition can be found here.

Our new uniform front-end design, which is now immediately available in combination with our 19-inch systems, is shown on the right.

19" System
19" System