Migration Software

Software that prolongs your hardware lifecycle

The objective of this project is to prolong the hardware lifecycle using software support. In industrial applications, it is a frequent demand that machine up-times of several years are warranted, although motherboards are available only with lifecycles of barely two years. To resolve this issue, ELTEC has come up with a backup and recovery concept, also to other hardware, a feat that is otherwise impossible to accomplish with the embedded version of Windows.

Thanks to the solution available from ELTEC it is now possible to reduce service times and, therefore, machine down-times to an absolute minimum. After the replacement of the hardware, the functional security is so high, it is absolutely unrivaled. As a result, it is also no longer necessary to keep identical components on hand for long periods of time in new machine production processes, since a change within a family does not affect other parts of the process any longer. In fact, it was not until this software strategy became available that affordably priced standard components could be used in many industrial applications. The neutralization of differences between hardware solutions in the production process and in service scenarios facilitates the use of cost-effective PC technology. This ELTEC solution is, for instance, used in the panel PC design in machine engineering.

A newer version of the concept bets on virtualization, which is also used to emulate the old hardware on newly installed hardware.

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The Making of: Software
The Making of: Software