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Industrial PCs

Completely configured, integrated and tested by ELTEC

ELTEC’s industrial PCs range from standard devices to custom designs – we produce the entire spectrum.

The CyBox Line bets on motherboards or slot CPUs that are integrated into standard housings. However, we also utilize unusual housing formats, for instance in combination with our models CyBox 8, CyBox 9 and CyBox NT, which were specifically designed for projects.

CPU form factors:

  • Motherboards
  • Slot CPUs with passive backplanes
  • COM modules with carrier boards

Housing designs:
  • 19" rack
  • Desktop
  • Switch cabinet assembly
  • Customized designs

In other projects, the interior – i.e. the printed circuit boards – are tailored to the specific application. For more information, please go to image processing systems.

We will also find or custom design an industrial PC that is perfectly compatible with your specifications. To find out more about special housings, please click here or contact us for more details!