MCLS 1 - LVDS Camera

Multi Channel Camera Head

The Multi Channel Camera MCLS 1 is part of ELTEC's family of multi-channel devices. It uses a CMOS single-chip sensor in wide VGA format and it uses LVDS for its external digital interface. A freeze-frame shutter on the sensor offers much better image fidelity for moving objects than the widely used rolling shutter.

  • Sensor with 752 * 480 pixels, 1/3", monochrome
  • Progessive-scan read-out at 60 frames / s
  • Freeze-Frame shutter exposes all pixels simultaneously, optimal for flashes
  • Flash
  • Interface LVDS, RJ-45 with clock und 3 x data
  • Cable length 12 m (CAT5e)
  • Power supply via RJ-11
  • Case dimensions (without lens): 40mm * 40 mm * 40 mm

Multi Channel Camera Headf
Multi Channel Camera Headf
LVDS  Camera in Flash
LVDS Camera in Flash