Basic Tools

Basic library for all framegrabbers

ELTEC covers all image processing applications with its complete line of framegrabbers. In addition, ELTEC offers image processing computers that do of course contain a computer core and image-recording hardware. These component groups must not be used without drivers, which offer every option from the setting of contrasts to the recording of entire image sequences for all hardware-specific actions under a uniform API. These drivers are available for download from the respective product page or via the download center for every Windows or Linux framegrabber. A camera settings program makes it possible to save the values found in a set-up file, which subsequently can also use the compiled application, saving the user the extra work of having to enter the settings all over again.

Upon request, an ActiveX-Control provides the option to encapsulate the framegrabber function in an object so that it can be used by all ActiveX-compatible applications – no further programming required.

The fact that we will also provide image processing application writing support to you is evident from our service portfolio. Connections to third party products, such as Intel’s IPP, heurisko, Ad Oculos and HALCON are, of course, also available options.

  • Universal software interface for all ELTEC framegrabbers
  • Real-time image acquisition
  • Provision of contiguous archives in the virtual address space for images, including for diffuse physical memories
  • The handling of image sequences is just as simple as the processing of individual images
  • DLL for complete framegrabber control
  • Windows-based configuration and set-up utilities included
  • Set-up file for the storage of different p3i configurations
  • DirectDraw support with sample sources
  • Operating systems:
      • Linux (x86 with 32-bit DMA)
      • DMA may only be possible in 32-bit depending on the framegrabber (bottom 4 GB)
      • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 as a 32 or 64-bit version
      • VxWorks, OS-9 upon request, the graphic output must then be adjustedn