Image Processing Systems

System or intelligent camera?

Image processing systems are composed of intelligent cameras with integrated or stepped cameras that are designed for the flexible use of one or multiple cameras – optimized for image processing jobs that require a lot of computing power.

ELTEC is an intelligent camera technology pioneer. This technology is used in embedded system solutions that are used to perform inspection work, in automation and in security applications.

License plate recognition and security technology

Thanks to the bundling of know-how inherent in system technology, image processing and application programming, this technology has been able to conquer the disciplines of transportation, security and video technology with powerful, innovative products.

We will assist you with comprehensive advice and will be at your side throughout the project development, installation and support processes for license plate recognition and security management systems. For optimum results, we work closely with the installers.

At the core of our system is the reading of license plates on vehicles and containers on the one hand and the archiving of images after the motion detector process in the camera image is complete. Consequently, we can offer solutions for a broad spectrum of applications:

  • Vehicle access control
  • Parking space management
  • Monitoring of traffic
  • Surveillance of security areas
  • Logistics management
  • Security management
  • Video surveillance
  • Motion detection
  • Container twist lock recognition
  • Container condition, license plates, seals, x-ray
  • Statistical marketing analyses

EL-RECO line products can be readily integrated into superior systems thanks to their modular structure, standardized interfaces and the use of network technologies; however, they also work as free-standing applications on their own.

The function of security management system EL-SEMA can be used within EL-RECO in the form of a module. Other options:

  • Visitor management with preset access eligibility times
  • Assignment of specific parking spaces to certain visitors (VIP parking)
  • Management of the available parking spots
  • Optional networking