Dual/Quad Camera Link Frame Grabber

ELTEC's flagship frame grabber for Camera Link offers dual Full Configuration interfaces for maximum data rates. Each camera can transfer up to 680 MB/s simultaneously. Digital image streams are buffered in on-board fifos with 512 MB capacity as a safeguard against data loss. A fast PCI Express interface with four lanes (x4) and fast Rev 2.0 capacity has enough capacity to handle all transfer needs. Data is transferred into main memory via DMA, thus offloading the CPU from most transfer loads. Even complete image sequences can be transferred without CPU action.

A large FPGA on the board makes image preprocessing easy - as a first implementation, a Bayer filter converter to RGB is available as an option. Shading correction on a pixel basis can be another option.

ELTEC's PC_EYE/CL-2 makes applications with synchronized front and back views of the same object or stereo vision possible.

  • 2 Camera Link interfaces, compatible with all profiles (Base, Medium, Full Configuration), 4 cameras in Base mode
  • Digital Camera Link inputs for digital line scan cameras, digital matrix cameras
  • Camera Link-Datenrate up to 680 MByte/s per link
  • Supports Power-over-Camera Link (PoCL)
  • PCI Express 2.0 interface with four lanes (x4) for data rates up to 2 GByte/s
  • Real-time acquisition of video data into memory via DMA (64 Bit)
  • Live video display in addition
  • multiple PC_EYE/CL-2 boards in one PC supported
  • Software support: Framegrabber Basic Tools, DLL for Windows and Linux (32+64 Bit)
  • Supprt for Halcon imaging software
  • Optional Bayer-Pattern conversion in FPGA optional
  • PC_EYE/CL-2 is available in two version for differing bandwidth

PC_EYE/CL-2 with two Camera Links and FPGA
PC_EYE/CL-2 with two Camera Links and FPGA
PC_EYE/CL-2 with up to 4 * CL
PC_EYE/CL-2 with up to 4 * CL