Framegrabbers - Camera Interfaces

Standard and application-specific – analog and digital

ELTEC has been among the leading framegrabber manufacturers for many years. The times when the sole purpose of such interface cards was to digitalize analog video signals are long gone. Now they transfer digital camera images into PCs, contain FPGAs for pre-processing and handle logs autonomously. The proven programming interface makes it possible to use the solution with just a few actuations and minimum CPU overhead, even on 64-bit operating systems. More details can be found on the product pages.

The interfaces support digital and analog cameras in black and white and color. They come with all of the characteristics that are essential for industrial applications, such as trigger inputs, flash control and restarts. Digital interfaces, e.g. Camera Link, pose exacting demands when it comes to transmission rates.

In the framegrabber segment, the development trend also increasingly favors project-specific solutions. Our experience with complex scenarios extends far beyond the examples shown here. To learn more, please click on the link on the left to go to "Framegrabber projects".

Our service portfolio also includes the integration of video functions into complex printed circuit board. Contact us for more specifics!

Information about the related software can be found here.

A list of customized cameras is available here.