Framegrabbers - and Interface Projects

Project-specific framegrabbers and camera interfaces

Here we will show you what we have achieved in conjunction with our project work in the framegrabber segment beyond our standard product range. Of course you will understand that it is not possible for us to disclose all of the characteristics to you on this site; yet we would like to seize the opportunity to give you some insights nonetheless.

Whenever the aim is fast transfer of high volumes of data to the computer, framegrabbers still remain the only option. They are the only products that warrant transfer rates that exceed 100 MB. Framegrabbers are also the first choice if super- accelerated speeds have to be reached– f or instance, in hardware image processing applications.

Our portfolio comprises:

  • Bus interfaces that are flexible and adaptable for PCI, PCI Express, PMC modules or others
  • Pre-processing logics in FPGAs for work-flow pixel processing
  • Digital, analog, serial or parallel as well as wire-connected or fiber-optic camera interfaces

We invite you to review the information provide on the site for our framegrabbers; they also provide the platform for other projects.

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