SoC and CPU Modules

The brain of the project

Embedded CPUs have evolved and changed due to the increasing level of integration: the trend favors complete Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC) and Computer-on-Module-(COM) concepts; whereby the number of module concepts now virtually outnumbers the number of CPU families. We keep track of:


  • MicroBlaze – Soft core within Xilinx-FPGA, with complete Linux
  • Power architecture with QorIQ and PowerQUICC – the solution of choice if you want to modernize PowerPC projects
  • ARM as a fast hard-coded CPU in the FPGA – optimally tailored periphery in the SoC chip

Modules and bus standards

  • COM Express – modules with x86-CPUs
  • CompactPCI – with Intel and PowerPC
  • VMEbus – with PowerPC and Intel

ELTEC boasts a level of know-how that has been acquired through a huge variety of application projects using SoC and COM modules. We also urge you to contact us if your goal is to use your VMEbus or CompactPCI periphery with a bona fide brand new CPU.