Dual-Core ARM Embedded CPU

Komplett-SoC im FPGA

The Xilinx Zynq components offer an integrated dual core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU with a cycle frequency of up to 1 GHz and a FPGA as an all-in-one solution. Thanks to the minimized number of components, the complexity of the circuit board is significantly reduced. It also offers additional options compared to completely assembled SoCs.

The two worlds communicate with each other via high-speed busses, which deliver several GBs/second in bandwidth on the chip. This creates ideal conditions that allow the outsourcing of time-critical tasks that demand a lot of computer capacity to the FPGA. Hence, it is possible to support even real-time requirements, which are frequently very different, in a relatively simple manner with the required hardware.

ELTEC is an experienced company as far as the use of Zynq components and, of course, as far as the matching Linux solutions are concerned.

  • 32-bit processing with Dual Core CPU with 1 GHz clock
  • Multiple power save modi supported
  • 32/64-bit busses as connection between ARM cores and FPGA
  • RAM controllers for DDR3 SDRAM
  • Network controller upto Gigabit Ethernet offer data rates of > 800 Mbps
  • DMA controller
  • Various seriell and parallel I/O
  • PCI and PCI Express interfaces for e.g. WLAN connection
  • Compact Busybox based Linux
  • Complete Linux with MMU support
  • Operating system starts alternatively from SD Card or Flash within a few seconds

Zynq SoC Board
Zynq SoC Board