BAB 760

PowerPC Board for VMEbus

The Basic Automation Board BAB 760 is a PowerPC board for VMEbus systems. With an on-board PMC expansion module, the board can be adapted to any needs. The BAB 760 is well suited for industrial control applications, together with a PMC frame grabber module equally well for imaging applications.

While most of the PMC modules on the market can be used, ELTEC supplies one graphics module and several frame grabbers in PMC format.

An optional PMC Extender allows to use up to 2 PMC modules.

  • PowerPC 750 FX (600-800 MHz) / PowerPC 750 GX (1 GHz)
  • 32-1024 Mbytes SDRAM memory on a SO-DIMM
  • 512 Kbytes second level cache on-chip
  • Marvell Discovery I chip set GT62260B
  • Boot-ROM: 512 Kbytes Flash EPROM
  • User-ROM: 8 Mbytes Flash EPROM
  • PCI local bus, 32-bits, 33 MHz
  • 2* 10/100 Mbps ethernet interface 10BaseT/100BaseTX
  • IDE hard disk interface with conversion to Serial ATA

On transition board

  • On-board Compact Flash at IDE-Bus
  • 32-bit VMEbus with FPGA-based Bridge
  • On-board PMC Mezzanine Board slot with 66 MHz/64 Bit
  • Real-time clock with 8 Kbytes SRAM, battery-backed
  • Two serial RS 232 I/O’s with handshake support
  • Centronics bi-directional parallel interface
  • Keyboard and mouse interface

BAB 760 PowerPC Board for VMEbus
BAB 760 PowerPC Board for VMEbus