PMC View 2

PMC Framebuffer Graphics Board with integrated Frame Grabber

PMC View-2 is a PMC module for graphics display with additional frame grabbing support. It contains the graphics frame buffer, accessible by the CPU for manpulation of all pixels. The content of this buffer is diaplayed permanently, monitor parameters and timing can be set in software. The same graphics memory is used as a target for video data from external analog cameras (monochrome, standard TV signal). Two independent monitores can be connected to a VGA and a DVI port. Graphics and video content is blended in the output look-up tables, graphics is transparent at those pixel positions where the corresponding pixel value is stored. At these positions, underlying video data is visible.

The PMC bus interface is electrically a PCI interface with 32 Bit and 33 MHz. Digital serial SDI inputs and outputs can be used as an alternative.

  • Graphics with frame buffer accessvia PCI
  • 3 analog monochrome video inputs
  • 3 digital video inputs (SDI)
  • Analog (VGA) and digital (SDI+DVI) video outputs
  • 8-bit video frame buffer (underlay)
  • 8-bit overlay frame buffer (with "transparent" value)
  • 8 to 24 bit LUTs for video outputs
  • 32 bit PCI Interface
  • 128 MByte frame buffer memory for graphics and video
  • Single-slot PMC format
  • Operating system support for PowerPC Linux

PMC View 2
PMC View 2