Embedded Boards

Embedded computer on basis of SoC and COM

ELTEC has always made the development of embedded computer boards and modules part of its core business. In close cooperation with our customers, products are created that take into account industry-specific unique demands just as readily as cross-market approaches to solutions.

Our portfolio comprises

  • Intelligence – from Intel to ARM
  • FPGA
  • LAN + WLAN
  • Difficult environments
  • Housings and handling

The term ‘computer boards’ frequently implies the use of Systems-on-a-Chip (SoC). The results are compact embedded solutions on a printed circuit board with the SoC, the memory and the plug-in connections. The operating system is also part of it.

SoCs are available in so many different versions that it would not be feasible to offer modules with SoCs – unless the objective is to have a designated module bus for each SoC. Hence, they are integrated on the board directly with the periphery. These boards are as unique as their respective applications and are developed specifically for this purpose.

Our portfolio

  • SoC designs based on ARM, QorIQ, MicroBlaze
  • COM modules on the basis of x86
  • Designs with Intel CPUs plus chip sets and with PowerPCs
  • Carriers for COM modules customized to customer needs with complete peripheral equipment
  • Special interface boards

When used in combination with more complex applications, the COM (Computer on Module) concept implements customized solutions based on accepted standards. ELTEC will develop the client-specific carrier board with I/O for your specific application.