MCC 2 Carrier

Carrier Board for ETX CPU as Intelligent Camera

The MCC 2 carrier board uses ETX COM modules to build a complete intelligent camera. A frame grabber for digital LVDS camera signals is contained on the board. Image processing results are delivered vie the on-board Profibus interface.
Since tow camera heads can be connected simultaneously, a stereo camera can be built with the MCC 2 easily. Incorporating all these components into a weather protection case leads to a compact imaging computer. D

  • ETX CPU module connectors
  • Frame grabber for LVDS-Kameras (2 *)
  • Profibus interface
  • Ethernet 100 Mb
  • Board dimensions 160 * 100 mm

MCC 2 - ETX Carrier with Housing and Camera
MCC 2 - ETX Carrier with Housing and Camera