Operating Systems and Drivers

Embedded, Real-time and Universal

Embedded projects require the perfect software at least as much as they need the proper hardware. Your hardware cannot even be used until the software has been installed. ELTEC delivers both.

  • Drivers for all interfaces developed by ELTEC
  • Available for use on platforms Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 as well as Linux

Universal Operating Systems

  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows

For their use to be possible, hard real-time or long-term requirements must not exist.

Real-time Operating System

  • OS-9 and VxWorks, Linux with OSADL patches

Linux is now also real-time compatible. We also have at your disposal OS-9 and VxWorks.

Embedded Operating Systems

  • XP Embedded and Linux

Embedded systems are compact solutions that are available for long-term use; however, they do not necessarily offer real-time uses.

Features ELTEC considers as given:
  • Drivers for interfaces
  • BSPs for boards´
  • Adapted operating systems for specific systems