Image Processing

Grabbers, Cameras, Hardware Processing, Systems

ELTEC has been manufacturing components and systems for industrial image processing applications for a very long time. Its product portfolio comprises everything from frame grabbers for analog and digital interfaces to digital cameras, intelligent camera systems and image processing computers for a variety of applications. If extremely fast processes are a must, ELTEC provides image pre-processing solutions in the hardware.

Image Recording Interfaces

What was once only possible with frame grabbers may now also be possible with a GB Ethernet interface. Nevertheless, the aim is always the same:high speed transfers of large data volumes to the computer.

Our range:

  • Flexibly customizable bus interfaces for PCI, PCI Express, VMEbus and others
  • Camera interfaces covering everything from analog to camera link to GigE Vision and USB
  • Pre-processing logic in the FPGA for in-stream


These components allow for the most savings:

  • Sensor solutions with CMOS and CCDs
  • Interfaces from LVDS to USB and even GigE

Systems | Intelligent Cameras

In combination with a computer core, the solution is either a BV system or an intelligent camera–there are no huge differences between the two.

Besides standard products, ELTEC also develops customized solutions that are tailor-made based on your specifications.

Browse through our portfolio of frame grabbers, cameras and systems–most have evolved from projects and provide the foundation for future projects as well.