SoCs for your embedded project

Do you need a SoC-based CPU core for your embedded project, including the peripheral equipment?

We are experts in the use of CPU chips since we developed CPU boards back in the days when others still considered them toys.

A Wide Spectrum of Bus and CPU Families

  • In-house development of CPU cores in COM technology or as system-on-a-chip SoC solutions
  • Complete embedded modules with special peripheral equipment based on ultra-modern SoCs
  • Integration of CPU modules (ETX and COM Express) sourced from the global market
  • CompactPCI and VMEbus, also with ultra-modern CPU cores
  • Integration of PowerPC controllers (PowerQUICC, QorIQ) or ARM into your own design
  • Genuine SoCs also for medium volumes with MicroBlaze in the Xilinx-FPGA

We are Master of all Design Technologies

  • SoCs with CPU and chip set paired with the peripheral equipment
    – all consolidated onto one chip
  • All power supplies for core, I/O, RAM, logic with power sequencing
  • Various high speed busses:Memory bus (DDR-3), PCI, PCI Express. Frequencies ranging from 100 MHz to 5 GHz.
  • High-frequency design accommodates everything from simulation to layout to measuring technology
  • Connection to commonly used peripheral equipment solutions such as Ethernet and graphic controllers
  • System design with bus bridges, field busses, USB
  • Implementation of I/O in FPGAs, all the way to bus interfaces in the FPGA
  • Programming of the boot monitor and/or BIOS
  • Documentation and CE measurements