Base Boards

This is where Embedded solutions begin

On its own, a CPU module is fairly useless. It does not evolve into an embedded system until it is paired with a board that has been designed specifically for the application. The concept of COM is based on the understanding that the CPU module is a universal solution while everything that makes the application what it is, is actually located on the carrier board. It must contain everything that could once be found on plug-in cards for PCs.

  • Customized boot media: hard disks, flash disks and permanently soldered chips
  • Power supplies for all components on the carrier and the COM module
  • Digital I/O from RS-232 to RS485 to LVDS, both parallel and serial
  • Standard interfaces for Ethernet ranging from 10 to 1000 MB/s
  • Field busses realized in FPGA code or with complete controllers
  • Connection technology offering everything from